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Churnly helps b2b saas companies burn churn

We know how much revenue you're about to lose. Do you?

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Predict customer churn at every stage of the journey

Churnly’s artificial intelligence gathers customer data and predicts which customers are likely to churn at each stage of the journey. Our software identifies patterns which determine why a customer may leave, helping you take the necessary action to retain them before it’s too late.

Track revenue at risk

Churnly views each seat as a sub-customer, which enables you to quickly understand what revenue is at risk for every paying seat.

Track engagement

Activity and engagement are key indicators that your customers are successful with your product.

Churnly uses Machine Learning to weight and track all user engagement across your product, giving you immediate insight to who is at risk and needs attention.

Increase LifeTime Value

Churnly’s predictive insights show you how much revenue you’re at risk of losing, and from whom, so your teams can intervene early, keep revenue and grow faster.

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Import all your customer data, instantly

Churnly connects to existing systems and imports your data instantly to create a more accurate churn prediction for your customer base.

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Why Churnly?

Choosing the right Customer Success software can be tough, but we make it easy for you. We enable your team to add layers of customer insight with the help of machine learning predictions to support your customer success efforts.

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“It’s hard to even imagine growth when you have high churn. It’s time we stop guessing what the cause of churn is.”

Ben Kuzey, Head of Data Science - One Fit

Why Churnly?

Churnly provides you with immediate insight to the entire customer journey and predicts which customers and revenue are most likely to churn.

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