Choosing the right Customer Success software for your business can be difficult.

We make it easy for you.

Why choose Churnly for your business?

There are many customer success software options on the market. But here’s what Churnly does better than anyone else.

What Churnly does

Predicts which customers are likely to leave

Churnly’s software will let you know weeks in advance which customers are likely to leave.

Turns customer data into actionable insights

Churnly provides you with the data you need to take action and intervene before your customers leave.

Spots revenue at risk

Churnly spots revenue at risk and increase customer lifetime value by helping you proactively manage customers.

What Churnly won’t do

Give you fluffy health scores

Churnly won’t give you fluffy health scores that will skew your revenue forecasts.

Build customer profiles

Churnly won’t build customer profiles or improve existing ones.

Improve workflows

Churnly will not make recommendations to improve workflows, email campaigns and communication with your customers.

Full control of your customer data

Choosing the right Customer Success software can be tough, but we make it easy for you. We enable your team to add layers of customer insight with the help of machine learning predictions to support your customer success efforts.

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Why Customer Success Managers love Churnly

“Churnly surfaced three customers we had no idea were on the verge of leaving. Turns out we would have certainly lost two of them had we not intervened. Brilliant tool and brilliantly accurate.”

“We thought we knew our customers very well, but adding Churnly to our armoury has shown us there is so much we didn’t know about why customers leave.”

Why Churnly?

Churnly provides you with immediate insight to the entire customer journey and predicts which customers and revenue are most likely to churn.

Get started today and prevent your customers from leaving.

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