Actionable customer churn analytics for Customer Success teams.

Churnly provides B2B SaaS companies with data driven insights and predictive analytics that help Customer Success Managers save their customers and reduce the risk of churn.

Discover the AI-powered customer churn software that tracks the entire customer journey and helps you reduce churn with a predictive accuracy level of 92-96 percent.

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Improve customer retention with actionable insights

With all your customer data at your fingertips, you can quickly identify the factors that cause your customers to leave. Track every stage of the customer journey and have full visibility into product adoption, engagement and renewal.

Our predictions tell you which customers are at most risk, giving you the chance to intervene and prevent them from leaving.

Extend customer lifetime value and accelerate growth

Our software helps your team to proactively manage customers that need your attention.

Once you understand why you lose customers, your team can focus on keeping them. Find the customers that are at risk of churn and turn them into successful users, increase their lifetime value and ensure that you don’t lose any revenue.

Get complete visibility of customer lifecycle changes

Churnly gives Customer Success teams complete visibility of customer behaviour across every feature and key metric on your platform.

By understanding customer lifecycle changes Churnly provides you with the tools necessary to build a data driven customer success process that reduces the risk of churn.

How it works

Churnly’s machine learning software has been developed by a team of PhD data scientists and thousands of hours of research.

Churnly’s software runs through your customer data and permutates millions of factors to find the precise combination of metrics which trigger churn at any given time. Artificial intelligence then predicts which customers are likely to leave.

The accuracy of our predictive model ranges from 92-96%, giving you the information you need to take action.


Churnly connects to the systems you use daily, including CRMs, customer support, product, billing and email.

By connecting to your existing systems Churnly can design a complete understanding of your customers’ behaviour and learn what triggers customers to leave.

Discover intergrations


Data driven insights

Our data driven software helps you discover the reasons behind customer churn and
prevent customers from leaving.

Actionable predictions

Track churn likelihood at every stage of the customer journey and know far in advance which customers and revenue are most at risk.


Our software is built using machine learning and artificial intelligence following thousands of hours of scientific research.

Powerful integrations

We connect to the customer success platforms you are already using, including Zendesk, Intercom, HubSpot and many more.

Custom APIs

We build connectors specifically for your platform or CRM to make sure that we capture all customer data.

Intuitive dashboards

Easy-to-understand dashboards provide you with actionable insights in an instant.

Do you know why your customers leave?

Churnly provides you with immediate insight to the entire customer journey and predicts which customers and revenue are most likely to churn.

Get started today and prevent your customers from leaving.

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